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tesseract abyss


Adventure mode, Tesseract Abyss is set in the 4D space called the Tesseract.

Delve deep into 101 stages to find and defeat the Gargantua. ​


By using weapons and coins earned by playing Tesseract Abyss,

players (single or multiplayer) will explore the abyss,

gradually becoming stronger through upgrading equipment and abilities.


You can play alone or with friends (up to 4 players)

How to play Tesseract Abyss mode

Battles in the Adventure mode happen floor by floor.
When you clear a level, 3 random gates will appear.
There are basically 3 types of warp gates.

Level up your character

​&Become stronger through your abilities

Player rank goes up as your performance does.

As your rank increases so do abilities of your choosing.

You can use your earned coins to strengthen your abilities,

such as overall HP or your strength.


Therefore, the more you play Tesseract Abyss the further you can progress!

Increase strength through weapon crafting

You can combine duplicate weapons to make stronger versions of themselves.

Depending on your strategy, you can collect and strengthen a lot of weaker type weapons or earn more powerful weapons later on and speed up the process.

Bring your items and weapons into battle!

Up to four weapons and/or artifacts can be brought into battle.


Artifacts are consumable items that players can use for temporary buffs,

such as strength or health boosts.


They can be purchased with coins and then brought into battles.